The South African Nursing Students’ Association (SANSA) is a non-profit organization that is run country-wide. It is made up of nursing students from various universities within the country that offer a degree in nursing. The running of the organization is by nursing students from these various institutions.

SANSA members are driven by the passion for nursing and bringing about positive change in which nursing is practiced in the country. Their aim is to ensure that the studentship among the nursing students is a sustainable one. Rooted in Roache’s five C’s of caring: Commitment, Conscience, Competence, Compassion and Confidence, SANSA members are driven to fulfill their nursing roles, even during their student years, to ensure that those that they serve remain the focus of the profession.


To be a well-established organisation that helps to re-establish the image of the nursing profession. To be an organisation that links nursing students at universities in South Africa and abroad ensuring that studentship is more effective.
  • Inculcate the spirit of leadership, evidence-based practice, nursing excellence and the provision of top quality nursing care to those assigned to our care. 
  • To share ideas, knowledge and experiences about challenges facing nursing students in South African universities. 
  • To ensure sustainable development in communities that we serve.
  • To be a well-established organisation within the nursing fraternity, especially amongst the nursing students at the various varsities. 
  • To be the source of inspiration for those that are still in training, to ensure that the professional image of nursing is sustained. 
  • To be an organisation that helps to attract like-minded individuals into the profession. 
  • To share new emerging information vital for the development of the profession. 
  • To inculcate the spirit of professionalism among nursing students, the future professional nurses and leaders of the health care system. 
  • To be a sustainable link among students at the various universities that offer nursing as a degree. 
  • To share ideas on how to improve our standard of learning and approaches to clinical practice. 
  • To help find solutions to issues that affect nursing students in both the learning and clinical settings. 
  • To promote and encourage nursing students to pursue post-basic courses. 
  • To promote various nursing sub-specialities. 
  • To discover, develop and provide a platform for young leaders in Nursing. 
  • To advocate for patients that are placed under our care. 
  • To raise awareness about health-related issues in the communities we serve. 
  • To ensure that nurses find their place in the MDT and work actively to contribute to total patient care.