The vision of FUNDISA is to be a unified platform to pursue excellence in nursing scholarship at universities in South Africa.


To provide strategic innovative leadership and expertise in nursing education, promote scholarship and strengthen collaboration with stakeholders.

Respect, Integrity, Commmitment, Cooperation and support, Transparency, Equity.

In summary, FUNDISA’s overarching goals are to: 

  • Represent the interests and standpoints of nursing and midwifery education, practice and research at various forums nationally, regionally and internationally 
  • Provide transformative leadership to develop excellence in scholarship and build capacity among nurse scholars and practitioners 
  • Respond to contemporary issues (education, research, practice) impacting on nursing education, health care and research priorities, and create a space for equitable representation and collaboration in dealing with such issues. 
  • Support quality in nursing education, practice and research endeavours.
  • Maintain its footprint and sustainability through projects that enhance nursing education, practice and research.