Introduction – Lesson 1

Hello! Welcome to your first lesson. This is what most lessons will look like.

Content Format & Structure

Content can be split up in different ways, and content may vary in format.

For example, lessons can contain text, images and videos. This content can be displayed in the text window, in tabs or can be inserted into accordions.

Lessons make up the course structure

Did you notice the course structure on the right hand side of the page?





Complete Lesson

Once you have finished reading a lesson’s content, you need to click on the “Mark Complete” button below the content. If you don’t click on the button, you will not be allowed to progress to the next lesson.

Let’s try this. Click below to move on. If you have done this course before, you will notice that the “Mark Complete” button no longer shows. Just click “Next Lesson.”

See you in the next lesson!