Introduction – Lesson 2

Hello again.

Wow, did you ntommy-lookotice all the new things happening?


Badges & Achievements

Various badges and achievements have been setup to motivate you to learn and to continue learning. In case you were wondering, this is called gamification.

And in case you missed it, this is what your badge looked like.






Progress Bar & Navigation

This LMS has a ‘drip-feed’ system. Lessons (and content in the lessons) will become available to you once you complete each unit (remember in the last lesson when we clicked “Mark Complete”).

You can track your progress by looking at the progress bar on the right.
This bar advances based on how much of the course you have completed.






You can easily switch between lessons that you have already completed.
Either click on the lesson name, or navigate using the links below the content
(<- Previous Lesson     Next Lesson ->)

Bye for now, I’ll be seeing you in Lesson 3.

Psst… Don’t forget that you need to click on the “Mark Complete” button to move on.


Please Note: you always need to click “Mark Complete” before you can move on or from one lesson to the next.

SUPERMANIf a lesson has topics (sub-lessons) inside it, you will need to complete ALL the sub-lessons first by clicking on “Mark Complete” for each and then going back to the lesson and clicking on “Mark Complete” in order to continue on to the next lesson.

To make it even more interesting, some topics include activities or assignments. These need to be completed, before you can complete the topic and before you can complete the overall lesson.

Just REMEMBER! Always go back and “Mark Complete” before you move on to the next lesson or topic.