Leadership Skills – Lesson 9

Secrets to Success

“I am infinitely more inclined to lead than push; pushing gets tiresome.”  –  Robert Anderson, CEO of Atlantic Richfield

Over the years there have been many studies done in an effort to find out just what it is that successful leaders do that make them so successful. These are the characteristics that Dr. Eugene Jennings discovered in his research. Compare your own practices to this list of successful behaviors:

  • Gives clear work instructions.
  • Praises others when they deserve it.
  • Is willing to take time to listen to others.
  • Is calm and cool and takes time to think things through.
  • Projects confidence and self-assurance.
  • Has appropriate technical knowledge of the work being supervised.
  • Understands the problems the group encounters.
  • Gains the group’s respect.
  • Treats everyone fairly.
  • Demands good work from everyone.
  • Gains people’s trust.
  • Goes to bat for the group.
  • Does not act superior to employees.
  • Is easy to talk to.

Partners Exercise

questionWhat items are you doing right now?
What items should you be doing?
How will you start doing them?
What items coincide with the pre-assignment and the goals we set this morning?

A Personal Action Plan

  • I know where I’m starting from. I know I am already good at these things, and I can do them more often:
  • I can learn this, I am learning this, and I am doing what I can at this stage as well. I have already learned:
  • I will start with small steps, especially in areas that are difficult for me. My short –term goals for improvement are:
  • I promise to congratulate and reward myself every time I do something, no matter how small, to maintain and improve my skills. My rewards will be:
  • I’m setting myself up for success by choosing long-range goals to work for gradually. My long term goals for success are as follows:

Recommended Reading List

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  • The Situational Leader by Dr. Paul Hersey, Centre for Leadership Studies, 1992.