Lesson 1: Basic Principles of Communication

Introduction to Basic Principles of Communication

These notes introduce the reader to the important role of basic principles of communication. No organisation can function properly without a good system of communication. Employees must be able to communicate effectively.

https://projetfrugal.fr/non-classe/wn9pb0cx All people need to communicate-and in a business people have to communicate all the time and in all situations. Communication is used to solve problems, give instructions, resolve conflicts, motivate employees, persuade clients, chair meetings and interview prospective employees. Unfortunately, very few people in business can communicate effectively. Studies show that the average adult listens at 25% efficiency and cannot formulate clear oral and written messages! The non-verbal behaviour of people of varying cultures and backgrounds is also often misunderstood.

https://acmwealth.com/a19pwe9 Experts claim that this inability to communicate effectively is the root cause of much of Labour unrest in companies. It leads to low productivity and bad interpersonal relationships, which can be avoided by communicating more effectively. Effective communication is the best toll for any person in business. What about using it more fully?



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