Lesson 10: Business Letters

Business Letters

Despite the ever-lasting role played by the telephone and fax machine in the business world today, the business letters remains a very effective, popular and important medium of communication. This is likely to remain so for the following simple reasons:

  • It is one of the cheapest forms of communication
  • The letter serves as a permanent record of a transaction, agreement, warning or enquiry.
  • A letter conveys a professional and business-like impression which gives your message more weight.
  • A letter gives the business person time to think before replying. This allows a powerful, well thought-out and much more effective message to be formulated.
  • Letters can be used to do business in places where no telephones or fax machines are available

The ordinary business letter can be used effectively for a variety of different purposes:

  • to persuade: e.g. sales letter
  • to express an opinion: e.g. letter to the press
  • to get something done: e.g. letter of complaint
  • to supply somebody else with information: e.g. letter of invitation/letter of application
  • to obtain information: e.g. letter of enquiry