Lesson 12: Editing written material

Editing written material

Much of the communication in business today takes place in written form. It is still considered the best communication tool in cases where a permanent record of a transaction, decision or conversation is required. Some of the ways in which this communication takes place are:

  • a business letter
  • a formal report
  • a press release
  • an invitation
  • telephone message

In any business it is important to ensure that all written material that leaves the office or the company is perfect before it is sent out to be read by anybody else. The process of looking at what you have just written and making sure that it is perfect is called editing. This ranges from checking a simple telephone message to a colleague sharing your office, to an important annual report for the board of directors. Written material can be edited quickly and successfully by checking on five aspects: layout, spelling, punctuation, sentences and paragraphs, and readability.