Lesson 15 – Elimination Of Customer Service Problems

Elimination Of Customer Service Problems

Tools to Use

Wouldn’t it be great if all of our customers were happy and we didn’t have to deal with their issues? While there will always be areas of improvement, there are some tools we can use to address and eliminate customer service issues.

Critical Evaluation

Question the big picture and then break into smaller components. Question each component by using How, What, Where, When, Why, and Who (WWWWWH) in the present tense. Also ask what could be done differently to develop alternatives. Then question your alternatives to establish their advantages/disadvantages by using the same Technique.

Informal Surveys

Ask your customers what they want. Ask them how you are doing; this can be evaluated  in a report card fashion to compare over periods of time.

Focus Groups

These usually have 8 – 10 participants, pre-screened for subject matter experience, with structured, specific questions to ensure maximum flexibility. During it, a moderator discusses specific issues with participants. It is a very moderated and structured session; after group discussion, the moderator produces the results in the form of a report. Do not attempt this if you haven’t participated in one or did sufficient research into focus group structure, questioning, and analysis.

N.G.T. (Nominal Group Technique)

This is similar to Focus Groups only on a larger scale. Questions are structured and everyone must respond before the facilitator moves to the next member. Once the questions have been depleted, the facilitator and the group then prioritise the responses; the top three to five are usually set as Immediate and the rest follow afterwords.

Fish Bone (Cause and Effect or Root Cause)

Each major “fish bone” has a heading: Equipment, Systems, Processes, People, and Environmental. The head being the symptom. This method allows members to discuss the symptom and categorise possible reasons under each heading. Every heading is examined to determine if it is a cause of the symptom until the root of the problem is determined.


Any and every idea is considered as a good idea and should not receive critical comments.  The object is that although an individual idea may not be feasible, someone could still build on an idea and result in the perfect solution.


See how others do what you do/use if applicable. You can ask and they will usually let you see how they do things – they often think you are usually not as advanced as they are if you are asking to view their systems, processes, or methods.