Lesson 16 – Doing Your Part

Doing Your Part

Although customer service is a team effort, you must acknowledge the fact that you are apart of it and that you have just as much of a role as any in the team as anyone else.

Developing and Maintaining Relationships

Relationships are the key to a functional, positive team. There are several parts to developing and maintaining relationships with your team members.

Clear Expectations

Every partner in a relationship has certain expectations of the others. Most expectations remain unspoken until they have been violated. One way to develop and maintain effective relationships is to make your expectations clear to one another.

Recognizing the Reciprocal Quality of Relationships

We can use the reciprocal nature of our relationship with others to establish interpersonal cooperation and trust. Remember two clichés: “It’s a two-way street,” and, “You only get what you give.”

Understanding Different Communication Styles

We can communicate more successfully with others and establish more meaningful relationships if we not only understand others member’ styles but can adjust our styles to theirs.

Phrases for the Corporate World

Ten Most Helpful Phrases

1)    I care.
2)    I’d like to understand. Help me to understand.
3)    How are things with you?
4)    Let’s identify and resolve the problem.
5)    This is what I heard you say.
6)    Let me put this in another way.
7)    How can I assist you? Can I do anything to help?
8)    What would you do?
9)    Thank you.
10) (Silence, with concern.)

Ten Least Helpful Phrases

1)    You shouldn’t feel that way.
2)    Why did you do/say that?
3)    That’s not important.
4)    I know exactly how you feel.
5)    I know what you are going to say.
6)    Why can’t you be as good as
7)    Do you want to know what I think? Here’s what you should do.
8)    I told you so.
9)    Any phrase that contains the words always, never, all the time, everyone or permanently.
10) Silence without concern…indifference.

Recognizing the Power of Your Behaviour

The secret to success is not very complicated. The better you are at connecting with other people, the better the quality of your life will be. Is it a natural talent to get along with people or is it a skill we can learn?

Connecting with other people brings infinite rewards.

Likeability Works

Likable people give loud and clear signals of their willingness to be social. What are they?

No matter what you do or where you live, your attitude determines the quality of your relationships—not to mention just about everything else in your life. The good news is that your attitude depends on you, so why not adjust your attitude for better results?  After all, it affects the quality and appearance of everything you do.

In face to face situations, your attitude precedes you. It is the central force in your life—it controls the quality and appearance of everything you do.

How to Feel Powerful in Your Position

Along with our knowledge, skills and abilities, and a willingness to provide excellent customer service, the words we use with our customers are so powerful that they can build or destroy relationships.

Power Talk examples:

  • “That may be so, but….” can be changed to “That may be so and…”
  • Instead of “I disagree,” how about, “I understand. Let’s consider another point of wiew.”
  • Change, “I think I got that,” to, “Let’s verify that.”
  • Change, “I’m so sorry, I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your name.” to, “Hello I’m…..”

Influential people learn how to phrase their words in such a way that they are encouraging, inspirational, motivational and convincing. We can encourage positive outcomes/expectations, both in ourselves and in others, by embracing the basics of good communication.

Project Positive Expectations
If you’re going to say… Try instead…
I’ll have to I’ll be glad to
I’ll try I will
I’d hate to I want to
I can’t I haven’t yet, and I can
If you can When will you
This is a terrible problem This is a challenging opportunity
I’m never any good at … I’m improving at….
I’ll spend time/money I’ll invest time and money
That’s impossible That can be done
Give credit where credit is due
I really just got lucky I planned well and worked hard
I’ve never done this before This is an opportunity to learn
I’m getting too old I feel good. I have lots of experience.
He/she did a good job You did a good job (Tell them)

Recover from Failure
I failed I learned
I can see negative consequences I can see positive consequences
I’m a loser I’m a winner


Accept Responsibility
They make me so mad I feel mad when
I don’t have enough time I can manage my time
It’s the other guy’s fault It’s my responsibility
Someone else will do it I will take care of it myself
I can’t change things I choose to make the best of what is


PRIDE is a Team Effort

History tends to repeat it selves. The wave of opportunity moves towards us all. We should be prepared for the day opportunity knocks at our door. Success does not depend on being at the right place at the right time—it depends on being prepared.

There are several things that the company as a team can do to improve customer service.

  • Pinpoint problem through diagrams, surveys, observation, etc.
  • Record the problems. If they are not recorded they will be forgotten.
  • Inform your superiors and document your reports and notes for future reference.
  • Develop strategies resolve these complaints/problems.
  • Evaluate the implementation of these strategies. If they were not effective, try again.

This is all part of working as a team. If any of you are a rugby, soccer or cricket fan, you should know that a team is only as strong as it’s weakest link, therefore the team that play together, stays together.

Keeping your Customers