Lesson 2 – Dealing with Change

Dealing with Change

Why do employees/clients resist change?

  • There is no need to change.
  • They may feel the change will do more harm than good.
  • Change may be presented to them in an objectionable fashion.
  • They may have had no opportunity for input.
  • The change may come across as a criticism of the way they are doing things now.
  • The change may create added work for them.

What are the negative aspects that you, and they, must be aware of?

  • You must be aware that you are dealing with a pattern of human habits, beliefs, and traditions which may differ from yours.
  • Clients may view this change in a way totally different from you.

How can we break down or lessen that resistance?

  • Ask them, rather than tell them, to make the changes.
  • Treat each individual with dignity.
  • Show them what’s in it for them or what their personal gain is or can be.
  • Allow them the opportunity to suggest the change or to have some input into how the changes can be incorporated in their lives.
  • Show how the change provides a new challenge for them and can improve their future.


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