Lesson 3 – Meeting Customer Expectations

Meeting Customer Expectations

Every individual’s needs are important. Each customer wants to be treated like he/she is your only customer. They know that isn’t true, just as well as you do, but they still want that kind of attention. The only way for you to be successful is to help other people get what they want. In the larger sense, customers expect us to meet expectations in four critical areas:

  • Timeliness
  • Quality
  • Consistency/No Surprises
  • First Impressions


What does that mean?

  • Responding to queries promptly
  • Sending out information when you say you will
  • Providing front line service promptly
  • Doing regular rounds of facilities


This means paint that covers, grass seeds that grow, socks that hold their shape when you wash them… you all have an idea of what quality means to you.


We don’t like surprises. Do you know why McDonalds are so popular with North Americans in a strange country? Because they know what the milkshake and the fries will taste like, they know what the Big Mac is made of, and their facilities are clean.

Why do we shop for the same brand of pantyhose and the same brand of underwear or socks? Because there are no surprises: we know that they will fit.

First Impressions

The first impression your company makes lasts a lifetime. If a customer walks into the store and sees utter chaos, they may walk right back out again.

Meeting Customer Expectations