Lesson 4: Interviews


These Notes deal with the purposes that Interviews are used for. Interviews are used for a wide variety of purposes. In business these include:

  • Recruitment and selection of staff
  • Dealing with staff grievances and complaints
  • Taking disciplinary action
  • Or any other issue concerning management and staff relations

An interview always involves two parties-either two individuals or a panel on interviewers interviewing the interviewee. The parties meet face-to-face at a specific time and place decided beforehand. The purpose of an interview is to discuss a specific matter of concern to both interviewer and interviewee. The settings and approach of the interviewer should contribute to a relaxed relationship so that the interviewee can express views freely. Both parties should have the opportunity to exchange as much information as possible and should plan carefully before the interview by preparing possible questions.

As soon as enough information has been gathered to make a final, objective decision on a course of action, the discussion should be terminated. It is always courteous to tell the person involved when to expect the outcome of the interview