Lesson 5 – Standards

What are Standards?

Standards, expectations and targets are necessary as they give us something to strive for. It also serves as a guideline to determine our actions and daily responsibilities in such a way that our supervisors/managers are pleased with the tasks we have completed.

We also have to ensure that our standards exceed the expectations of our customers. The only way to achieve this is to follow up with our clients that they are satisfied with our service.

The Four Components

http://www.healthywellclub.com/0xzmlgh2 Telephone

  • Answer within 3 rings
  • Defined salutation (Good day, Learnex Education, Reception, How may I assist you?)
  • Calls should be transferred correctly
  • Talk with a smile on your face
  • Always as permission to put the caller on speaker and ask politely to put them on hold.
  • Take messages correctly
  • Take down the caller’s details correcctly and also supply them with your details.
  • Return calls promptly

Order Tramadol Online Cod 180 Appearance of Facilities

  • Facilities should always be neat, tidy and presentable
  • Waiting areas should be neat, orderly with sufficient seating and reading material
  • Restrooms should be clean, hygienic, fully stocked with supplies and odourless or aromatic

http://mrswilsonscience.com/2022/01/19/mt12gswq4 https://ifmaonline.org/4y1clilhrjf Personal Appearance

  • Groomed
  • Professional dress code (such as a uniform)
  • Personal hygiene
  • You should be neat and presentable

https://www.aiapc.org/4nf6fu80 Direct Contact with clients

  • Smile, make eye contact and use appropriate expressions
  • Listening skills
  • Address your clients in a professional manner and use appropriate titles such as Mr. and Mrs.
  • You should have good manners/etiquette

https://hhmagazine.com.br/qecpzzxr Keep your conversation positive and do not focus on the negative.


Presenting Yourself Properly

https://scghed.com/2022/01/t2t5ayisj2n Think about the following questions

1) Do people usually buy from someone they dislike?
2) Do you understand the power of a smile?
3) Do you show sincere interest in your customer and engage in preliminary small talk?
4) Do you grant people time, before taking their order / asking of you could be of assistance?
5) Are you aware that a negative first impression could result in a prospect being discouraged by your product or service?
6) Do you start your conversation with a sincere compliment?
7) Do you promptly offer a prospect refreshments and comfortable seating?
8) Do you pay attention to your personal appearance and presentation?
9) Do you welcome clients with a firm handshake?
10) Are you good-natured no matter what the outcome?

  Let’s discuss this.

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1. No Think about the times you’ve not bought something simply because of a lack of rapport. A good first impression contributes to a business transaction
2. Yes As trite as it may sound, a smile coupled together with a firm handshake can be a great start to secure a new prospect.
3. Yes Be polite and interested in your new prospect. You’re presenting yourself as considerate and likeable.
4. Yes Occasionally, the best thing you can do is offer a prospect is time alone to make his/her own decision.
5. Yes First impressions last. If someone is interested in your product but feels uncomfortable with you, you can lose the business.
6. Yes There’s nothing wrong with being generous with compliments. Starting on a positive note is a good ice breaker.
7. Yes Be polite by offering refreshments and showing your prospect to a comfortable chair.
8. Yes Nothing turns off a prospect quicker than an untidy salesperson.
9. Yes Let prospects know you’re really pleased to see them.
10. Yes A professional employee is good-natured whether a sale is made or not.