Lesson 7 – Causes of Difficult Behaviour

Causes of Difficult Behaviour

According to psychologist Shirley Winslow, PhD, of the University of Alberta, we all have four fears. They are fear of failure, fear of humiliation or embarrassment, fear of losing power, and fear of rejection. These fears often cause us to act in ways that make us difficult for others to deal with. Can you think of any other causes of difficult behaviour? Some things that drive one person crazy may not bother another person at all. From this, we may be able to draw another conclusion. Each of us is quite likely a difficult person for others at times.

What are the characteristics of others that make them difficult for us to deal with?
Answers may include: they are negative, they whine, they say hurtful things.

What are the weapons they use against us? Anger? Tears? Silence? Others? What are our coping strategies? We’ve already described at some length the things we will try to use as we deal with most people. However, the old 80/20 rule says that 80% of our problems will come from 20% of our employees or of our clients. So how do we deal with them? These are the people that get themselves sorted into categories, just so we can get some kind of a handle or strategy for dealing with them.