Lesson 8 – Managing The Talkative Caller

Managing The Talkative Caller

Tips For Talkative Callers

https://fired4u.co.uk/zipq0zx3h Talkative people are often interesting and enjoyable, but on the telephone they can take up a lot of time. To avoid losing valuable time, a conversation with a talkative customer must be managed.


https://scghed.com/2022/01/xad7vag There are three proven techniques that will work for you.

  • Ask closed questions.
  • Cut the conversation short, by starting your next point in the conversation when the caller pauses.
  • Provide a minimal response.

https://www.aiapc.org/rmey7rf Other points to remember:

  • Prioritize calls, long distance first.
  • Process calls in order, unless an incoming call is long-distance.
  • Record incoming calls when deemed necessary.
  • Allow the caller to hang up first.
  • Process the call immediately.