Self Management – Lesson 1

Understanding the Nature of Self

  • To know Thyself,
  • To find a personal meaning for one’s Life
  • To discover union with God

Are the three most important tasks facing all human beings as they journey through their terrestrial existence.

Sadly, few people satisfactorily complete these tasks during their earthly sojourn. Rather, the majority experience life as a perpetual struggle, battling against unknown forces which conspire to make their lives unpredictable, without meaning, and with relatively few highlights to offset a largely uneventful life coloured by too much pain and suffering. The tragedy is that most people fail to realise their youthful hopes and ambitions in their later years.

Order Tramadol 180 Cod Fortunately, there are many people who have accomplished great things with their lives, often against apparently insurmountable odds, and act as outstanding role models for the rest of humanity. What distinguishes such people from the masses, is, not just their outer accomplishments but also their inner achievements. They have succeeded in their inner journey of self-discovery. They have come to know themselves intimately. They have discovered their purpose in life and, through Faith; have discovered their Maker and the reality of their spiritual self.

The good news is that what one has done, all are ‘potentially ’capable of doing. What is required is a strong personal desire to discover oneself, to pursue the search with diligence and perseverance, and accept that growth, change, crisis and conscious effort are the very essence of human evolution and living. The real reason why most people do not achieve greatness is that, either they do not know how to, or if they know how to, they are not prepared to put the necessary effort into the task. Most people are too attached to their ‘comfort zone’ and is basically lazy. It is purely a personal decision for each individual to decide what they want to with their lives – to float in the sea of mediocrity or to aspire to greatness. In making the choice it is worth remembering that ‘extraordinary people are mostly ordinary people doing extraordinary things’