Self Management – Lesson 10

Achieving personal success and meaning in life

If you were to die tomorrow – who would really care and would it matter?  Everybody is subject to the same process.  Death is inevitable.  Life is short.

The questions we all need to ask of ourselves today are:

  • Have we really got to ‘know’ ourselves?’
  • Are we living ‘successful lives?
  • Is there a purpose and meaning for our lives?
  • Will we die happy?

To answer these questions we need to clarify our understanding of the word ‘success’ and in what way we would consider our lives to be successful.

‘Success’ is a relative term. What one person would consider to be a success would not necessarily be considered a success by another person.

The popular saying “Success is health, wealth and happiness.” has to be viewed in the context that everybody has their own idea of;

  • How much health?
  • How much wealth?
  • How much happiness? (is needed to constitute personal success)