Self Management – Lesson 2

Understanding the Self-Development Process

Self-development is the lifelong process whereby one takes personal responsibility for growing and developing fully in all dimensions of Self, -within the context of life, in order to achieve self-actualisation (i.e. realise one’s maximum ‘potential’) whilst, at the same time, maintaining Quality of Life at every stage of development.

Self-development includes, but is not restricted to, the following:

SELF Quality of life
Physical development Family Relationships
Emotional development Social Relationships
Mental development Community Activities
Spiritual development Leisure Activities
Moral development Career / Competency Development

“When you stop learning, you start stagnating. When you stop growing, you start dying”.

The definition of Self-development given above encompasses most of the key elements of the self-development process in that it refers to the total development of SELF within the context of a person’s life.Most people focus on developing only a limited aspect of themselves and consequently fail to achieve balance and fulfilment in their lives. This lecture is intended to provide a greater understanding of the life development process and the forces which shape a person’s life. By doing so, a person will be in a much better position to ascertain where they are now in their growth process, to understand the forces which are currently operating in their lives, to help identify the barriers which have restricted their development to date, and to possible guidance as to how they could develop their potential in the future.