Self Management – Lesson 3

Understanding and Achieving Wellness Wellness is the lifelong process of accepting personal responsibility for maintaining physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social health throughout one’s natural lifespan, by striving, at all times, for Quality of Life through the achievement of balance amongst one’s school, work, family, leisure and community activities.

What is Wellness?

The definition of Wellness given above encompasses all the key components of wellness, namely;

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  • Wellness is a lifelong process
  • Wellness is holistic and refers to all dimensions of self
  • Wellness embodies health
  • Wellness is concerned with a balanced life-style
  • Wellness implies a constant striving for Quality of Life
  • Wellness is much more than the absence of disease

Order Tramadol Canada The primary purpose of this lecture is to discuss briefly each of the above aspects of Wellness and to help the student assess the level of Wellness and balance in his/her own life and how it may be increased in the future.